Coming soon… Jean Theory, New and Improved

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jean theoryLocal boutique Jean Theory has been on the move for some time now, and, to the joy of owner Laura Van Camp, are almost ready to open their doors at their new and improved location Downtown (on the mall across from the Jefferson). Find out more from Laura herself in Cville Niche’s exclusive interview.

Stay tuned to Cville Niche for all the buzz about Jean Theory’s Grand Opening — including a personal shopping coupon giveaway to use at the Grand Opening!


How did the moving sale go? What was the feedback from customers? 

The moving sale was great; the first one definitely created a lot of hype for the second!  If we didn’t think it would confuse people, we would make it a tradition and having a semi-annual “moving” sale.

Describe the new location. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, tell us more! What planning went into the new space? How many months has the construction taken to completion? And what will the design/layout of the new space look like?

It took just over six months to complete the construction, a lot longer than expected, mostly because it’s an old building and they were restoring it to it’s original form.  The contractors pulled up two layers of flooring to expose the original hardwood, and the front doors are the originals as well.

We love the 13′ ceilings with exposed ducts and electrical conduit, and are super excited to have four legitimate dressing rooms (not two dressing rooms and a bathroom – what we had on fourth street).

This store will have a cushy seating area, men will have their own little section to shop, and we can’t wait for your to see our new denim “wall.”

We were inspired by the Better Business Challenge and with the help of Woodard Properties, Central Virginia Wind Energy, and LEAP, the space is very energy efficient with instant hot water, the most efficient hvac system, and LED lights.  

Talk about the “Garment District.” What does its bright future hold for the Downtown Mall?

As if the space itself wasn’t enough, we really couldn’t ask for a better physical location on the mall – centrally located, with great neighbors!  Yes, we’ve been jokingly calling it the “Garment District,” but it kind of is!  By having stores with similar target markets close in proximity, hopefully we can better relay the message to come shopping downtown!

What makes Cville so special — ie neighboring shop owners being friends vs. foe, campaigners vs. competitors?

I think Charlottesville is unique because everyone who lives here loves living here; we automatically have that commonality.  Similarly, downtown business owners share a common goal – to have a thriving downtown business.  Working together towards any goal always yields better results.

When will the new shop open? Any big plans for the grand opening?

Before mid March, we hope!  There will definitely be a Grand Re-opening Party, so stay tuned on facebook, twitter, and email (sign up at