Supperclub Cville

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“Fine dining without the pomp and circumstance”—that is how Tyler Teass, the founder of Supperclub Cville, describes the newest addition to the Charlottesville fine dining circle.  Supperclub Cville is a communal dining experience in which guests are invited to enjoy a menu that promises to be “balanced and tasty,” and includes such savory entrees as confit roast beef with potatoes, figs, and pesto.


Brought to you by The Farm Cville, a specialty grocery on Monticello Road, Supperclub is a dining event, where guests can enjoy high quality food in a relaxed atmosphere.

Tyler describes the event as a chance to enjoy food that is “very serious and well thought out, but if you want to drink soup from the bowl that’s cool.”

The first meeting of Supperclub Cville will be this Wednesday, the 29th, at 419 East Main Street on the upper floor. Tickets are $60, including tax and gratuity, and supper will be served at 7:00 pm. The event is filling fast, for more information contact

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