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Immediately immersed, transported, and transformed into another world – a timeless and placeless world. Walking into The Unearthing, passport in hand, the audience becomes a group of travelers, passing through valleys, being guided through the intricate and swiftly moving sets, like borders shifting around them… Vignettes of visual intensity, love, black humor, detachment, amazement, fear, family, exploration, control, abandon, unity, and death. It is a beautiful journey, filled with personal revelations and questing, if you just let yourself discover and search with the performers. So let yourself. Who knows what you will unearth in yourself.

After a two week run and months of preparation, The Unearthing closed last night. However, do not fret. The Unearthing is offering one more showing! 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 14th, come out for an encore performance of The Unearthing, another unlike-anything-you’ve-ever-seen production from the vision of artistic director, Zap McConnell.

“Due to an outcry from folks to have more time to see the art/installation of The Unearthing, we are making a Valentine’s Day super special late nite Salon Saloon from 10:30p-midnight (after the show is over), free and open to the public,” explained organizer and performer Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell in an email.

“During this time everyone is free to wander around through the space… buy a drink, buy art. Performers will dot the landscape with impromptu micro performances. Folks can spend as as much time as they want with each piece of art. It is your last chance to come see the work before we take it all down!!

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Live Arts Box Office, or at the door, if it is not yet sold out.

passport to the unearthing

We will poke fun at our own selves trying to live lightly as our carbon foot print is super large. There will be black humor, stellar dancing!!!!, alternative universes created, magical imaginings made before your very eyes, incredible music!!!!!!! and beautiful beautiful layers of our original collaborations within dance, music, art and film.

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