Reliquis & Sputnik Dance Party @ Random Row

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Do you like to dance? Moreover, do you like to dance to really good DJ music? And do you like to dance to music being played at 100+ decibels with a full array of seizure-inducing lights illuminating the dance floor? If so, then pay attention.

Sputnik & Reliquis Dance Party

Do you want to dance the night away?

This Saturday, from 8pm-midnight, Random Row Books will play host to an ultimate dance party put on by Sputnik and Reliquis Productions ($10 at the door). Both local groups, Reliquis is a professional sound/light company run by Andrew Brubaker, and Sputnik is a two-man duo, made up of Alex De Jong & Ian Prum, who also go by the aliases Space Panda & Lazarus, respectively. Although both companies work separately with their own sound & light gear, the two groups always take an opportunity to work together, since it allows them to focus separately with Andrew on the sound and lights, and Alex & Ian on the DJing and the setlists.

So what kind of music can people expect?  According to Alex, you can expect 100% pop music, mostly spanning over the past decade, that’s been mashed up with rap lyrics and/or a tight drum beat into a 3-4 minute song. Dance type music. Some of the artists you can expect to hear are Jay-Z, Adele, U2, Daft Punk, Justice, and Coldplay. Moreover, Sputnik does their own mashup versions, so don’t expect to hear remixes or blends done by anyone else. When I asked Alex & Ian about their favorite mash-ups, their responses were staggering. Alex’s favorite is called Moneybutton, a mash-up of Queen, Phantogram, Fergie, Notorius B.I.G., Nas, and MJZ); Ian’s favorite is called Just A Dream, which includes House of Pain, J-Kwon, Jackson Five, The Roots, Black Eyed Peas, Broken Bells, Lady Gaga, M83, Wu-Tang Clan, and Lil’ Troy…and that’s only some of the groups used in the song.

Both Sputnik & Reliquis are looking forward to throwing down a weekend-relieving, dance your face off, kickass, good time. However, if you want in then you need to get there early. Anyone who knows of Random Row also knows space there is very limited. Be warned, the music will be very loud, there will be lots of lights, including strobes, black lights, and fog machines. Also, if you’re planning on going, then you might want to bring some water too (no food or drinks at the show).

So if you want to dance this Saturday, then be at Random Row by 8pm with $10. Bring your friends, bring water, bring your A-game, bring more water, bring some earplugs, and maybe bring some glowsticks if you feel like it.

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