12 Days of Local Beer | Day 8

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Day Eight

Beer Run // Charlottesville, VA

15) New Holland Cabin Fever Brown Ale – Another of Beer Run’s recommendations, New Holland Brewing Company comes from Holland, Michigan. Their Cabin Fever Brown Ale will appeal to those who love malt flavors more than hops. The beer is described as medium bodied with robust flavors, including rye, roast, & raisin notes. The  brewers even recommend pairing the beer with roasts, stews, and caramelized onions. A good beer to have on hand in case of a sudden snowstorm.

16) De Glazen Toren Canaster Winterscotch – Chances are, you’ve never heard of this brewery. The De Glazen Toren Brewery is located in Aalst, Belgium, and has only been open since 2004. What may seem even more surprising is that the brewery only produces 4 different beers (and 2 of them are seasonal). One of these seasonal beers is their Canaster Winterscotch. The beer is described as dark, malty, having a lot fruity aromas, and containing a balance of sour & sweet flavors. Although their website calls it a Scotch ale, other websites classify it as a Belgium Strong Dark ale. Regardless of style, it doesn’t happen often that we come across a microbrew from another continent, so try to look for this beer next time you’re at Beer Run.

Special thanks to John, Josh, & Molly Woodriff (Beer Run) for all their help and suggestions on holiday beers.