The Really, Really, REALLY Free Market

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Tired of pushing through crowds of people at the break of dawn every Black Friday?  Feel like the cost of items during ‘Super Special Black Friday Deals’ is suspiciously not so different from the cost on other days?  If you are dissatisfied with the concept of this annual fight to the death for slightly cheapened commodities, you are not alone.

In 1992, Vancouver artist and activist Ted Dave began Buy Nothing Day, “one day a year in which people would boycott all merchandise purchases…a 24-hour moratorium on all consumer spending to return the purchasing power of the marketplace to the consumer.”

Dave said, “Absolutely everything around us in the urban environment is set up to be coercive, to get you to buy things spontaneously.” For him, Buy Nothing Day is a “protest for those of us who feel, all too often, as if our lives and dreams have been marketed back to us.”  Over the years, Dave’s campaign has spread to over 60 countries.

To commemorate this day, on Nov. 25, Random Row Books is hosting The Really, Really, REALLY Free Market! There will be crafts, goods, snacks, and a few films on The Story of Stuff – all for $0! Come learn more about Buy Nothing Day, and most importantly, avoid the mad mobs at the malls by just hanging out and enjoying free stuff!

WHAT: The Really, Really, REALLY Free Market

WHERE: Random Row Books, 315 West Main St. Charlottesville, VA 22902

WHEN: Nov. 25, 1 to 4 p.m.

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