Cville Niche Giveaway: Photography Session with Meredith McKee

Posted on November 21, 2011 by


Whether it’s for a recent engagement , a purely fun and silly photoshoot with friends, or “just because,” this giveaway is for YOU!

Simply post a picture on our Facebook page or tag Cville Niche in a picture of your favorite photography spot in Cville. Share the ideal location for your photoshoot* and get the chance to see your photography dreams fulfilled!

WHEN — To be scheduled with the winner and Meredith.

WHERE — YOU decide.

Photo Credit: Meredith McKee

Meredith McKee is an up-and-coming photgrapher, designer, and event planner in the Cville area. Her work has been featured on the Charlottesville Wedding Blog, and she currently works with Sarah Cramer Shields and Dickie Morris, of Just a Little Ditty.


The winner will be selected on November 30th. So get posting!

{Photo source: The Charlottesville Wedding Blog}

(*Share the location specifically means just that: Please share where the picture is taken / the location of your desired shoot.)

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