2nd Annual Mock Stars’ Ball @ The Southern

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The Mock Stars' Ball

This weekend join twelve of Charlottesville’s most outrageous local bands at the 2nd Annual Mock Stars’ Ball, a two-night Halloween celebration complete with costumes, debauchery, hilarity, ridiculousness, and above all, ROCK.  Hosted by The Southern Café and Music Hall, each night will feature six bands dressing up and performing as their favorite rock stars, from the Clash to the Beastie Boys to Pink Floyd.  The complete lineup is below:

Hunter Smith and the Dead Men as Bruce Springsteen
Borrowed Beams of Light as The Clash
The Sometime Favorites as The Killers
The Invisible Hand as The Beastie Boys
Corsair as Thin Lizzy
Astronomers as The Smashing Pumpkins

Evil Eye as Fu Manchu
Superunknown as Tool
Sinclarity as U2
The Eli Cook Band as Nirvana
Pantherburn as Violent Femmes
Kings of Belmont as Pink Floyd

Tickets are available for $10 online or at the door each night.  Make it an even $15 on Friday, and you get a ticket for Saturday as well!  Doors open at 8 pm each night, so be sure to get there early to check out all the bands.  Extra points for wearing a clever costume (the points don’t matter, but it’s an excuse to dress up, so who cares?).

So C’ville, are you ready to MOCK?

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