Nelson 151 Launch

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Although you may think you’re not familiar with Nelson County, you’ll be surprised to find out you know more then you think…

Live in Albemarle? Visit there on occasion? Most importantly, do you enjoy a good wine or a craft beer? Then you are most likely familiar with at least the names of Blue Mountain Brewery and surrounding vineyards, such as Veritas. Still not ringing any bells? Shame on you… but for now, just keep reading.

In 2010, 5 wineries & vineyards – Afton Mountain, Cardinal Point, Flying Fox, Hill Top Berry Farm, & Wintergreen – and 2 breweries – Blue Mountain & Wild Wolf – came together to form the group Nelson 151, which would help promote and market their appeal as micro businesses. This group isn’t just about beer and wine, though. Named after the scenic by-way on the Eastern side of the Blue Ridge, Nelson 151 also recognizes the talent within its small community: shopping, local restaurants, bed & breakfasts, orchards, farms, and, of course, the fresh air and the breath-taking scenery.

Last week, Nelson 151 celebrated the kickoff of the Nelson 151 Trail, with special events at many of its locations. These events included the opening of Blue Mountain’s new expansion and restaurant. Afton After Hours ended its summer evening series with the grand opening of their new Pavilion, featuring the Kings of Belmont.

“grapes don’t grow in ugly places” — Afton Mountain Vineyards

If you missed on the 151 Trail celebration, or are just now finding out what Nelson County has to offer, then make sure you plan on venturing out there. There’s plenty to find…    

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