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“Haunting, intricate, disturbing, puzzling, magical and oh so beautiful. Loved the complexity and all the levels it can be viewed on. Compelling. I am completely blown away.”

If you find yourself craving a concoction that mixes curious culture with intriguing interiority, then come to Live Arts to see the world premiere of Mapping the Dark: A Museum of Ambient Disorders.

Based off a 2003 art installation by Rosamond Casey, the theater piece follows a mysterious museum curator as he divulges the inner lives of ten distinct individuals. Discover each character by piecing together artifacts they have left behind and marked as symbols of their inner states: diary entries, newspaper articles, images and fragments of speech. Rosamond Casey compares the piece to “the way a finger on an artery engages a pulse… [it gets] under the skin to reveal a hidden frailty.”

The collective genius of musicians, dancers, actors, artists, technicians and writers acts as the voice that vibrantly expresses the identities of the ten characters and ultimately makes this piece “the most involved collaboration” director Fran Smith has ever taken on.

As an added bonus to your viewing experience, a special exhibit of Rosamond Casey’s artwork will be displayed one hour before each performance in the lobby. So mark your calendars with these dates and get your tickets as soon as you can as they are limited and going fast!

Catch one of the last performances of Mapping the Dark:

Sunday, April 17 @ 2pm

Wednesday, April 20 @ 8pm

Thursday, April 21 @ 730pm

Friday, April 22 @ 8pm

Saturday, April 23 @ 8pm


Ticket costs are $16.50, $14.85 for members. Enjoy “Pay What You Can” on Wednesday’s performances. Go to to buy your tickets or call the Live Arts Box Office at 434-977-4177.

Mapping the Dark is sponsored by Howard and Karen Pape

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