Radio Bistro @ C&O

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Even though Monday marks the beginning of the work week, sure to be filled with countless obligations and the proverbial crossing of T’s and dotting of I’s, it doesn’t have to be completely void of fun and excitement. Thankfully, C&O Restaurant makes this possible by bringing the cool vibe of the weekend we all love to our Mondays.  It offers great music and a great atmosphere to help start your week off on the right foot – the one that can’t stop itself from tapping to an irresistible beat.

C&O’s “Radio Bistro” crescendos every Monday from 10pm-1am and guarantees a great night filled with your favorite tunes to share with your best buds and perhaps to meet some new ones too.

“Radio Bistro” began on March 14th and has been gaining musical momentum ever since. Member of the local band Invisible Hand and C&O employee, Adam Smith and co-worker Chris Hlad, also the producer of the award-winning documentary, “The Parking Lot Movie,” set off to spread the power of music and established this event. They provide the jams with digital records ranging from good ol’ 60s music to more modern hits and will take any audience requests to ensure a hip and interactive night. The restaurant’s extremely popular gypsy jazz filled Tuesday nights featuring the smooth sounds of the Olivarez Trio spurred the initiative to create Radio Bistro with the belief in the more music, the merrier.

Next time your Monday could use a little extra lovin’ and your week needs a smashing start, grab a friend or two and come to C&O’s Radio Bistro. The smaller scale of music provides a more intimate and comforting experience, perfect to ring in the week ahead. Radio Bistro is a great way to have a comfortable drink, indulge in some great food and just hang out with fellow music and fun-lovers.

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