Gibson’s Grocery Reopens for Business

Posted on February 26, 2011 by


Belmont landmark Gibson’s Grocery , located on the corner of Hinton Avenue and Avon Street, will reopen this Saturday with a fresh look and even fresher local products.

For the past year, the 800 square foot building has undergone an extensive face-lift, including the internal bells and whistles, such as plumbing and electrical systems. The renovated store’s vibrant crimson exterior, black and white checkered floors, and exposed break accents combine to provide an atmosphere that is unpretentious and simply charming. The collection of unique antique registers and other memorabilia from times past also offer a refreshing “step back in time,” owner Chris Gibson said.

However, the real draw of the grocery is its food, of course, and especially its distinctive local products. Among other things, the store will now be offering fair tradeShenandoah Joe coffee, organic milk, baked goods from Breadworks, and wine from Barboursville.

Gibson said that his store is “trying to be as local as possible,” and pointed out that “Charlottesville is a beautiful place with a lot of resources.” Buying locally, he believes, is a better option in many ways, especially since it can help support jobs and enhance the quality of life in the community.

Being a good member of the community is one of the cornerstone goals of this ‘mom and pop’ store, which has long been a part of the Belmont neighborhood. Chris’s father started the grocery in 1977, and the new renovation, Chris said, is all about preserving that tradition.

Whether local food, or just good neighborly conversation, Gibson’s has something to offer to everyone, and it serves as a wonderful reminder of past traditions and future possibilities for local business.

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