“Ye Olde CLAWe” @ Blue Moon Diner

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“Ye Olde CLAWe” TONIGHT. 8 PM. Blue Moon Diner. Main Street.
Ladies Arm Wrasslin’ for the Future


Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary to do tonight to break out of your typical Friday night routine? Then kick start your weekend at the Blue Moon Diner to see Charlottesville’s ‘best kept secret,’ the Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers, a.k.a. CLAW, battle it out at their quarter-annual arm wrestling tournament.

You have to admit… there’s something incredibly intriguing, and even sexy, about a bunch of women arm wrestling.

While women’s arm wrestling may invite images of ultra-large, muscle-bulging, body-builder broads strong-arming one another for a win, CLAW prescribes to a more theatrical version of such a feat, with the ladies’ feisty alter-egos, such as Susan B. AssKicker or Achilles Hell-A, wrasslin’ to coax dollars out of their fans’ wallets – all for a good cause.

CLAW tournaments are an entertaining and unique hybrid of charity, theater, and sport, in which super bad ass female wrestlers, decked out in flamboyant costumes, take on over-the-top personas like Nilla Waste-Her, Tragedy Ann, Jos-A-Fiend Breaker, and June the Cleaver to raise money for a cause. And that’s the thing about women’s arm-wrestling: it’s not just a girl fight. It’s a girl fight for charity; and more specifically, small, local, women-initiated philanthropies in the name of CLAW’s greater mission to empower all women.


Tonight, all eight of the Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers will emerge from the past to fight for the Future Fund at Blue Moon, or rather, behind Blue Moon. These ladies have been duking it out for local, women-initiated charities since 2008. Starting with a relatively small following, the league has now grown to attract crowds of over 700. But even with such a following, CLAW still retains the feel of a quasi-underground fight club.











To get in on this exclusive event, just head down to the Blue Moon Diner with $5 cash in tow, plus some extra for swaying, a.k.a. bribing, the Refs –  country/folk star Mary Chapin Carpenter, artist/actress Cynthia Burke, and Permanent Lifetime Judge and musician Jim Waive. Most importantly, get ready to experience indisputably the feistiest, most charitable entertainment Charlottesville has
to offer.


Doors open at 7:15pm, with matches beginning at 8pm. Get there early. But most definitely, be there.

To get a better idea of exactly what these women are all about, check out any one of their hilarious videos from past events.

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