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Let’s face it – Vday cards can be b-l-a-n-d. Thankfully, local stores good press paper co. and rockpaperscissors save us from the monotony of (s)Hall(ow)mark.

good press paper co.

by Katie Sale

Location: Upstairs in Sustain @ Main Street Market
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10a-6p

“In a nut shell, good press is all about combining the old with the new, celebrating the handmade as well as our clients.” – Sale

“A good Valentine’s Day card, or any card in general, is one that’s been selected with your recipient in mind. Thoughtfulness and the extra step go a long way in my book.” – Sale


by Heather McNulty and Dani Antol

Location: 225 East Main Street (Downtown Mall)
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10a-6p

“A good Valentine’s day card could have a strong graphic (for the art-minded); it could portray a basic love story; maybe a double meaning; or just something witty that makes you think; there are the classics; there are the tear jerkers; and there are the laugh-out-loud funny.” – McNulty

“We try to stay away from the overly sappy, long poem/paragraph on the inside, especially anything that reads, ‘to my wife on Valentine’s day’ a la a certain big box brand name that might rhyme with say, ‘fallbark’!!” – McNulty

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