Crazy for DEAL$

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Whether you downloaded the Cardagin app yet or not (hey, we gave you a whole day to do it!), it’s time to check out the daily deal craze that has found its way to Cville.


Groupon – : Even though Groupon doesn’t have Charlottesville in it’s data yet, whenever you do any traveling to Richmond, DC, New York, or even LA, be sure to check out this site. It literally is the bandwagon that everyone else jumped on.

LivingSocial – : Like Groupon, LivingSocial created a network of social buying and group saving that has taken over city after city. It recently added a Charlottesville page, and albeit there are no deals to be had, or saved, yet, check out the “wanted” ads. Get on THAT bandwagon, Cville businesses.

CvilleSAVER – : Their motto — {Save money. Enjoy life. Be happy.}. Who can argue with that? This locally run website offers a daily deal for a Cville business – everything from restaurants, spas, gyms, and entertainment. Deals last 24-48 hours, and buyers can save up to 90%. Friday Fundraisers last all weekend! Sign up today, Cvillians.

The Daily Deal Charlottesville – : Launched by The Hook, with these deals, you’ve gotsta spread the word to save them monies! Or something like that. The deals are literally daily (only last one day), and in order for the deal to become active, a specific number of people have to “order” the deal. Even though it takes a little more effort (if you call Facebook and Twitter ‘effort’), who can deny these deals?

SocialBuy – : The ‘togetherness’ of SocialBuy is everywhere, including their motto – {buy together, save together}. The daily deals on this site range from 50-90%, and are handpicked by the SocialBuy team to bring people together in a social setting, while saving money! With SocialBuy, you can ‘experience your city for less.’

Virginia Living Deal$ – : Not yet a dealer of Cville deals, this regional option brings consumers Virginia’s finest deals.


So stop wondering what’s the deal with these deals and start saving!

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