Get your butts to Buttz!

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Hey, Cville, can you smell it yet?


Ten years in the making, this brand new bbq joint is not just any bbq joint. Chris Kabbash, co-owner and cook at Buttz BBQ, is a New Jersey native making authentic, finger-lickin’ good bbq. Not intrigued yet? Their sandwiches are all priced under $6. You know your wallet just jumped for joy. If you’re still not salivating, top of that pulled pork or pulled chicken sandwich on a Baker’s Palette bun with Vodoo slaw, a New Orleans style slaw that is incomparable. With a slew of sauces to choose from – Country Vinegar, Texas Red Sauce, Citrus Pepper Aioli, and Kabbash’s favorite, Liquid Heat – every sandwich can be your own creation. Soon to come: Chipotle Caramel Sauce.

Kabbash and his right hand man in the kitchen, Justin Slywka, are confident that their ‘Buttz will drive you nuts.’ “BBQ is like bread,” explained Kabbash. “There’s room for many different BBQ places.” From Belmont’s neighborhood BBQ to Pigskinz porky nosh, each place offers a truly unique and one-of-a-kind saucey, meaty product. And now the Corner has its very own Buttz.

Looking for some Superbowl take-out? Order from Buttz at (434) 296-4bbq.

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Open late night, 11-3, or until they run out. Friday and Saturday night. Get your late night fix at Buttz!

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Location: Next to Para Coffee on Elliewood Avenue
Hours: 11am-2pm for lunch and 5-8pm for dinner

Coming soon:

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So they’re only a week old — all the more reason to go try them out!

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