Posture Studio: A different kind of pilates experience

Posted on December 20, 2010 by


Walking into Posture Studio on the downtown mall, it is easy to see how the chic but calming décor reflects the trendy and positive nature of the studio’s owner, Carla Shifflet. Shifflet explained to me how her studio is based on the importance posture and body alignment and how students can grow up to two inches just by learning her art of pilates. Shifflet worked by asking me questions about my body’s history and whether I had any injuries in the past. Her knowledge and experience showed through her ability to understand my body and my posture based on previous scars and injuries I had in my life. After she had trained for years, Shifflet decided to open her own studio to educate others about everything she had learned.

For my first class, Shifflet taught me the different techniques of breathing correctly. She also analyzed the workings of my individual body so that she could better help me during the pilates exercises. I felt that this experience truly helped me to learn what I needed to change in my body in my every day running exercises and even just standing in line at the grocery store. I surprised myself by being sore for the next few days just from learning how to breathe and stand correctly. I immediately felt the results and loved Shifflet’s personal and positive method of teaching her students; I have already joined a weekly class at the studio.

“I would much rather prevent injury than work with people who are injured,” says Shifflet, “I opened my own studio because I wanted to catch people before they got
hurt.” And Posture Studio definitely works to accomplish this goal. The studio focuses on posture, correct breathing, and aerobic exercise to help students strengthen their bodies and be healthy for life. I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy pilates, but my experience with pilates at Posture Studio has been the best of my life. Shifflet taught me so much about my body which I really believe will be helpful for my future health. I am already looking forward to her mat class on Wednesday.